1. How can I get an Appointment?
    Call us at 863 679 8815 or if you are an existing patient, click here.
    You will be asked to sign portal access form and request our office to authorize and enable your account.
  2. How can I cancel my appointment?
    Call us at 863 679 8815 at least 24 hour before appointment.
  3. I am sick and need to visit my doctor today itself! Can I get a priority appointment?
    If any thing is ailing you, our goal is to see you on priority basis and comfort you ASAP. We will see you on same day. For your convenience we are also open in Winter Haven office on Saturday 10 am to 1 pm. Please call 863.678.8815 from Monday to Friday and 863 734 3278 for weekend appointments.
  4. How can I request a Medication refill?
    For Medicaton refill request call us at 863 679 8815 or can get request via web (click here)
  5. How can I get a Referral request?
    Call us at 863 734 0331 or can get request via web (click here)
  6. I have a billing question. Who should I call?
    For Billing Questions call 863 734 0332 and ask for Mr Gana Murthy.
  7. When can I get my lab results?
    Your Lab results will be reviewed by the ordering physician and you will be informed about abnormal results via our office. The lab test will be discussed in detail at the time of your appointment. You can also access your results online via your secure patient portal anytime, 24x7x365.
  8. How can I get a copy of my medical records?
    For Medical records call call 863 734 0332.
  9. How can I get more info about Health coach?
    Our office is developing coordinated health care model in accordance with NQCA guide lines. Please ask at your next appointment who is your heath coach. Our goal is to provide QUICK, COMPREHENSIVE care. Your health coach will ensure that all of you needs are met, over and above what our office resources can provide.

    Please call us at 863 734 0333.

  10. What is your payment and finance policy?
    Co-payment and deductibles: All copayments and deductibles are expected to be paid at the time of thevisit. We accept all major credit cards, checks and cash as method of payment. If you will be using health insurance to settle your account, you must present your current insurance card at each visit. This is a requirement of your insurance company. It also enables us to have the most current information about billing your insurance company. Your insurance company also requires us to collect any applicable co-payments at the time of service.

    Physician’s services has agreements with several insurance companies, which require us to bill them for services provided to you, and accept as payment the amount specified in the agreement. You will be responsible for all amounts not paid by them, including amounts denied, applied to deductible, or considered non-covered as permitted by your insurance company.

    We will file an initial claim based upon the information that you have provided to us. Under state law, your insurance company has 30 days in which to process and pay the claim, request more information, or deny the claim and notify us of the decision. If they have not notified us within 90 days of the date of service, it will be assumed that your insurance coverage is no longer in force and the unpaid balance will be your responsibility.

    Past-due accounts cost both time and money; therefore, patients with delinquent accounts will be required to make payment at the time of service. If you are unable to make mutually agreeable payment arrangements, we will be glad to reschedule your appointment. Seriously past due accounts: Those older than 90 days or those failing to honor agreed-upon payment terms will be sent to a collection agency. If your account is sent to a collection agency you must pay all past due amounts or make agreeable payment terms before subsequent appointments can be scheduled. Additionally patients can be dismissed from our practice for financial matters and will have to seek their health care elsewhere.

    Checks returned due to insufficient funds or closed accounts will be charged $25.00 non-sufficient fund fee. Patient is expected to pay by cash and credit card to cover for the returned check plus fee. Any future checks will not be accepted thereafter.